A Year at Sea

Not wanting to take on the extremes of the Southern Ocean, and not having the time for a complete circumnavigation, Matt Hughes had only thought about cruising sailing. Until, browsing through a second hand bookshop, he found inspiration in the story of a failed round the world attempt that became a North Atlantic Circuit. In a relatively short time he went from dreaming to owning a small yacht, and preparing for a North Atlantic circuit.

This is the story of his single-handed journey from the centre of Bristol to the Caribbean following in the wake of Columbus. With the advice of Dee Caffari in is head he sets sail on a journey, not only across the ocean but also in to understanding himself. In an honest and down-to-earth way he comes to terms with the size of the ocean and his feelings about his travels. Part Driving Over Lemons, part Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance this is an entertaining and compelling account. Free from most sailing jargon A Year at Sea is an accessible read for those who enjoy travel writing, those who like sailing stories and for those who are preparing to take on a similar challenge.

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